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[EF #10) My Comfort Food

I like to eat. Most of my expenses are for food. I don’t mind spending more money on food rather than on other things such as clothes or bags or shoes. On my PMS, I always have the urge to eat, and I should eat.

When I have that desire towards eating but nothing around seems to good to eat, I will have my comfort food. The ones that never failed to make me happy, the ones that will be eaten with pleasure.

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[EF#8] Time is an illusion

Hi younger self,

I remember you did not have good relationship with your father. You could not tell him what you were thinking. You could not argue with him in proper tone. Everything about your dad was not good.

He was a jerk, you said (So sorry, dad). Yes, he was. He was stubborn. Of course. He was a man full of anger, also mean. Well, he still is. He didn’t understand you. You didn’t know how to tell him what has been going on your head.

Don’t worry. As time passed, you will find a  way to communicate properly with him. Even better, you’ll be surprised how actually you can chat with him just like you chat with your mom or your sisters. Not often, but at least you finally can tell him what you think.

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Jakarta Marathon 2014

Sekitar sebulan-dua bulanan yang lalu, saya dapat calendar invite dari mbak HR kantor, isinya ajakan untuk meramaikan acara Jakarta Marathon tanggal 26 Oktober 2014. Free of charge, dibayari kantor ceritanya. Tadinya saya masih mikir-mikir mau ikutan apa engga. Saya bukan golongan orang yang begitu suka lari apalagi marathon (lebih suka lari dari kenyataan).

Etapi kak, ini gratisan! Pantang bagi seorang Uti untuk menolak gratisan. Apalagi ini acara kekinian dan Path moment banget.

Ga berapa lama, dikomporin lagi sama mbak admin departemen sebelah dan mantan emak kami juga ikutan. Yeeeyy! Akhirnya pun mendaftar ke mbak HR dan konfirmasi ke mbak Corp. Comm. Ikutan yang 5k ajalah. Pokoknya yang penting rejeki ga boleh ditolak. Sekalian temu kangen sama orang-orang HO.

Cetek memang. Yoben.

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