officially become ST (Sarjana Teknik) on Saturday, March 27th 2010. four and a half years, is not a short time. but I feel like I just entered the campus yesterday and get out from there the next day *okay, exaggerating* I thought we will wear that graduation robe together, ben. huhuhu 🙁 then go get your ST soon! gee,  I look weird in that photo, right? and FAT. I never liked polishing my face with anything except baby powder :p then, my name is getting longer (haha) Putri Adiaty Suciwulandhari, ST those heavy rocks are gone, but there are heavier rocks  come a head. inget, lulus ituh bukanRead More →

Idle time is good, and bad in the same time. good because I could do anything without being followed by whole crappy deadlines, do whatever I wanna do. without worrying it’s not gonna be finished. there is no due date, I can change the due date up to me. bad because it makes me fatter (the line is: EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT, as my friend, Aan once said in his tweet) and moreeeee emotional. in one day, I could feel happy and sad and angry many times. wake up with smile, having brunch while yelling out, heading town with anger, wake up from afternoon nap with smile again,Read More →