I hate smokers. none in this world have exceeded my hatred towards smokers. I still can tolerate an atheist. but not a smoker. I even hate my dad when he’s being a smoker. thank God, he’s an occasional smoker and he doesn’t smoke in front of his children. he goes out of the room/house, smokes there.

I hate smokers. they screw not only their own life but others. remember Tika (@tikuyuz)? she died because she had Bronchopneumonia Duplex. she got that because she worked with bunch of smokers in an air-conditioned room. she died because of those smokers-asses. WHY HER? WHY NOT THEM? since then, I hate the smokers more. especially the ones who ignore the sign “NO SMOKING” in the air-conditioned room.

I hate smokers. for me, they are even worse than liars. liars sometimes should lie for a good reason (say, white lies?) to person that have been lied. smokers? they smoke, but who got the effect of the smokes? not only the smokers, but everyone around them.

I hate smokers. you think you’re cool when you smoke, dude? NOT A CHANCE. it just drops your value. I would think a thousand times to have a crush on a smoker. I probably will not make a good friendship with them.

I hate smokers. please, what’s the advantage of smoking? tell me, ONE. you say, it can help you relieve your stress? how stress are you, eh? I can relieve stress without smoking, WHY CAN’T YOU?


and for few times ahead, there are two person that I have to deal with, which both are heavy smokers. one of them, my co-worker, is in the same room with me for 8 hours (and more, if I have to work overtime).  the other, is my boss. he is the heaviest smoker I ever found. he even has this hugeeeeee lighter, about 20 cm-long. seriously the lighter’s scared the hell out of me.

this is kinda a dilemma. I don’t know how to say my complains about the smokes. I don’t mind if they smoke in un-air-conditioned room. go ahead. wind will blow the smokes off. but if you smoke in an air-conditioned room, I CAN’T STAND IT. I curse it. and one of them is my boss. and with those smokes around me, I can’t even breath. and the smell. errgghh.

at first, I was like… ‘yeah, it’s okay. how bad could that be?‘. but when there are ‘NO SMOKING IN THIS ROOM’ signs around the office and they still do that in the air-conditioned room, I feel like I’ve been betrayed.

WHAT A JERK. and don’t blame me if I annoy you. I did it on purpose.