to be honest, I never thought I’d be ended up working in this construction industry. yes, I’m an architecture graduate, a bachelor of engineering, but I was telling myself (and others hoho), I might not be working my ass off this kind of industry. I was just not really into this.

however, I made a choice. I got in this industry. and it’s not as bad as I ever thought.

I met new good friends (really, despite of the smoking problem, they’re all actually nice), new colleagues, learn many new things, jump into a new world. I’m still a beginner, tho. the youngest among all (yes, I am! haha), paling bego, paling lemot, paling nyablak dan yang paling keliatan banget bocahnya ya saya ini :))

and of course, the paycheck. not much, but it’s worth the works I done. how does it feel to earn your own money that only for your own sake? it’s AWESOME, right?  (yahoo)

still long way to go. sure I know there will be ups and downs. the only thing I keep in mind is, just enjoy it. when you passed every ups or downs, you’ll know what will they bring you into.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase — Martin Luther King, Jr.

the thing is, I suck on all my challenges. LAME. I didn’t sent any postcards ever since I became an employee. GA SEMPET, duh. I work from 8 am – 6 pm, Monday – Saturday. if anything urgently happens, I also go to work on Sunday. istirahat makan siang satu jam juga rasanya terlalu sedikit waktunya.

here they are!

hence, I received MAAAANNNYYY POSTCARDS. from Postcrossing, from Puty, from Ita (she went to Thailand woohoo), from Nisa, from Finka (YA AMPUN, saya lupa mau balesin :((  ), from Ondel (who went to Mecca for Umroh). and I forgot that I joined this. I received many handmade and painted postcards. thank you very much, people! they’re all beautiful. I’m very sorry that I still can’t send you one. bahkan mau menscan kartupos-kartuposnya saja saya malas uhuhuhu 🙁

I also lack my reading challenge. buku ada numpuk di rumah yang menunggu untuk dibaca. tapi kaga dibaca-baca juga :)) malah lebih banyak baca komik. well ga baca sih, lebih banyak liat-liat gambarnya doang =)) beli buku pun rasanya juga malas. I still visit bookstores, tho.

so much to do, so little time, so(k) sibuk muhahahah. I have to learn time management again, I guess.

first photo taken from here.