The Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton

to be frank, I’ve never been a fan of Prince William. I find him not attractive at all, in my eyes. seriously (very sorry, Sir). even when the Royal Wedding held.

instead, I fancy the princess better.

yes, Catherine Middleton. she  looks beautifully stunning as a princess should be, doesn’t she? not glamorous, yet simply sophisticated. I heart her outfits. and I love her hats and hairpieces.


anyhoo, congratulations, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! may you live happily ever after. and girls, keep calm and don’t worry, Prince Harry is still available (haha)

speaking of wedding, April was full of couples tying the knots, eh? jadi pengen. #lohkok #kode  (headspin)

picture mostly taken from JustJared. others are random picking on google search.

Kepada Lelaki. The Day I Turned 23


Oh, saya gak terlalu kenal dengan Mbak Kate ini. Tapi, saya ikut senang lah, dengan pernikahannya. :D

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