It All Ends Here.

watching this, I cried. no, I cry everytime I see any news-updates for the epic conclusion that will be revealed on July 15th, 2011, WORLDWIDE. it will end there. it all ends there.

then I cry louder, reminded by the (huge) probability that it won’t end here, in Indonesia. they say, this epic is on the summer-movies-that-won’t-be-released-in-Indonesia list.

just THIS ONE MOVIE. THIS ONE EPIC CLOSING. PLEASE, ANYONE WHO HAS THE AUTHORITIES, PLAY THIS IN INDONESIA! RELEASE THIS. so in the end I would have great feeling like you feel when your favorite team won the competition.

wait, no. the feeling would be greater than everyone can describe. even I can’t describe. please, just this.

39 days and counting…

UPDATE (11 Juni 2011): according to this, the government has been allowing Hollywood movies to be released in Indonesia. but there’s still some uncertainties in some issues. let’s wishing a good news coming up.

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mudah2an pihak2 big HP fan kaya ada yang bersedia menyumbang dana supaya HP yg terakhir ini bisa tayang di Indonesia

semoga ada nis semoga. sudah ada good news kalo urusan pajak sudah selesai. semoga ada good news lagi. *reply komen ini kebanyakan semoga ye* :))

thie bikin page aja buat nyumbang koin buat bayar pajaknya supaya ni film bisa maen di Indo, sumpeh gak lucu kalo sampe gak tayang (angry)

lhaa.. sama juga temanya sama posting terakhirku..
hiks hiks..
mari berdoa semoga kabar burung film2 itu mau kembali bener adanya :-(

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