First of all, I don’t care if you haven’t watch the episode yet. This might be a spoiler, but that’s not the point.

So, I watched the premiere episode of season 8 of How I Met Your Mother this morning (At 4 am to be exact, yeah I woke up already! Fascinating, huh?). There was a scene about Ted met Klaus (Victoria’s (ex) fiancee) and he (Klaus) talked about finding Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz, translated to “Lifelong treasure of destiny”.

He (still Klaus) said, Victoria was his Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand, meaning “the thing that is almost the thing that you want… but it’s not quite”. And he can’t marry her.

He also said, that you don’t think about your Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz. You feel it. 

This got me thinking: what if your feeling is wrong? What if in the end, you can’t be with the one you FEEL you really want and there’s only the-not-quite-thing left?

People say, feelings never lies but it can be wrong, can’t it?

I believe in ‘witing tresno jalaran seko kulino‘ (Cliche, I know. But I do). However, you started meeting someone as friends, right? You have to be friends to get to know someone. I somehow agree when Ted said “How do you know she’s not Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz? I mean, maybe as the years go by, she’ll get Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz-ier”.

Damnit, I’m so thinking like Ted Mosby as we share the same birthdate.

We share the same birthdate.

Well, I believe in chemistry, too. But there’s another thing you have to worry about.



To be honest, I can’t spell the German-words at all. Even write it myself (hell yeah the power of copy-paste). :p

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Needy. Balada Sopir Angkot


boook, dengernya pake belibet gue pas nonton.

imo, timing itu includes( (sitkon + mood) x intensitas) #apeu

aku juga ga bisa. :)) pas nonton filmnya ga tak perhatiin itu orang Jerman gimana ngomongnya. :))

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