So, chill.

If you need to justify what makes you happy to someone in your life, perhaps you should ask yourself why you even care about their opinion in the first place. (Thought Catalog, 25 Things You Don’t Have To Justify To Anyone)

So, chill, people. They maybe don’t even care about what you’ve been doing. They just don’t have anything fancy to talk with you, and those are only what come across their minds.

I’ve been quoting Thought Catalog too much, haven’t I?

I watched Iron Man 3, anyway. It’s not May 3rd yet, cause they already played it on teather. On my birthday. OMG, I watched the end of Harry Potter on his birthday, I watched the end of the Iron Man trilogy ON MY BIRTHDAY! I was a happy birthday girl. (Tho, I got a major headache afterwards till the next day because I watched in row P, the very front seat).

Well, I didn’t watched it with someone particular (if you know what I mean). But I will watch it again one more time, nungguin sepi.

Not expecting someone particular as companion. Prefer alone. HA!


I’m still a bit like that. A Quarter of Century Old

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