Till We Meet Again (2)

This August was tough.

Moving out, moving in, blending in, and the highlight: farewell. And it’s more than one. Crazy!

First, my boss’s farewell.

Letting go of a boss never been this hard. I worked with him only one year but it was the best moment I had along my career (The heck, it’s my third year working). I never thought that it would be this quick.

He was the best mentor. I learned a lot. He taught me a lot. He listened. He cared.

Actually, I left him first. I had to go to site at Kuningan. To be honest, I finally could enjoy working in this company, in the head office (HO), getting along with the people. I started to enjoy my days with everyone in the office, especially in 18th floor. I just accepted the fact that if I still have to work in HO probably one more year, I’ll be fine. Another year will not be that hard.

Until last month. After struggling for tender submission, Le boss offered me a job on the site. A job that I have been thinking to be the next step of my career path. I could not say no. I accepted it right away, thinking hey, he’s still at the office. I can come and say hi everytime, it only takes 30 minutes by taxi. His boss is in the site I was about to step in, he could visit the site everytime he wants.

Leaving a boss never been this emotional. I did it once, and dude, it was terrifying, really. But this one is different.

My last day before I move to site, just a couple of days after I came back from Lebaran holiday, he invited his team to sit down together. He said that he already tendered his resignation before Lebaran.

Shocking news.

He told us what he had been thought, make sure I’ll be okay at the new place (Sweet, right?), and said he already accepted an offer in Brisbane, his home. He will stay in the office until the end of the month.

Brisbane? Australia? What the heck?

But then I left the office calmly, we shaked hands-both saying goodluck. I didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t even take pictures together with him hahaha. And the days after, I was busy packing my things, looking for new place near the site, take some of my things to my aunt’s house and sometimes crying in the night thinking that I will never see him again.

He will move to Australia. AUSTRALIA. Will he come to Indonesia again? Probably never. That man.

Oh yes, I cried.

These 2 weeks have been hard. Trying to blend in with new colleagues and understand the new job. Preparing farewell dinner for le boss and trying to accept the fact that he is leaving, for good.

And the farewell dinner, on 26th August at The Republic of Burger, Cipete, was a blast. Enjoying the moment, chatting casually. Talking about almost everything happened since we all moved to the site (all team moved to site, one in Subang, mba Sari stayed, other two joined me), about the HO, about the site, about Brisbane, about what will happen next. Teasing him, and wishing he cancels his plan. Or maybe take us all with him (send us using container would be okay! Hahaha). Teasing us, we will be very very busy and forget about him. Taking lots of pictures. Telling him that we wish he will be back. Oh he told us, he might be back. (Yearight, whatever, I didn’t really buy it, tho)


Roni and his first boss

That was a great dinner. (I forgot how the food taste, though. I ate, but I didn’t really remember how it was. Was busy embracing the moment) Too bad mas Abdi can not join us (he was in Subang). But it was great. Really great.

The Burgah Monstaaahh

August 28th, mba Sari presented to him our gift with thank-you notes. We were on the site that day and mba Sari recorded a video for us. He was amazed yet very happy!

Pak e karo mak e.

And today was his last day in the office. Mba Sari recorded another video before he headed to the airport. A very very short speech.

“Thanks all for everything. I might be back. All the best!”

Wish you a great luck in Brisbane, pak Bernie. Till we meet again. In Jakarta. Or Brisbane. Or Europe. Or Vietnam. Or Bali. Maybe next month, maybe next 6 months, maybe next year, maybe next 3 years. Maybe never. But, till we meet again.

Laskar Blom
Laskar Blom selfie.


Another farewell, with Dini, one of partners in crime! This was also a quick one. We didn’t manage to have a farewell dinner because Dini has to be home (in Lampung) then start on Monday (the same day like pak Bernie!). We said goodbye to each other only through Whatsapp. 🙁

Fortunately, after move to site, I spent some weekends with her and we managed a gathering a week before she departed.

Dina, Uti, mba Tinoy, Dini
Dina, Uti, mba Tinoy, Dini

Good luck, Dini!

Don’t Be Scared, Baby So Selfish. So Sorry.


Baca postingan mu yg ini somehow bikin gw kangen kerja lagi, kangen dua orang atasan yg udah kaya ibu sendiri saking dekatnya :'(

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