Explode: BAM!

I could be very mean, you know.

saya bisa berimajinasi sangat liar tentang dirimu.

ya, KAMU!

ini serius.

never messed up with me.


gosh, I need brainwasher.

no, I need to re-install my brain. it’s full of dangerous viruses now.

and I hate to post something like this.

picture from here.


  • iks

    6 May 2010

    makanya dibawa jengjeng aja thiee…seperti kata Lenka, Trouble is a friend of mine *loohh??? ga nyambung kayanya (funkydance)

  • Uthi

    7 May 2010

    iya ini, udah kebelet jengjeng beneran (evilsmirk)

  • yusuf

    8 May 2010

    hi, I visited your blog and read the latest articles


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