The One That Got Away.

You catch a fish once and it gets away, it’s a lot harder to catch again. (Will Graham, Hannibal S02E04, Takiawase)

Will: Your father taught you how to hunt, I am going to teach you how to fish.
Abigail: Same thing, isn’t it? One you stalk, the other you lure.
Will: One you catch, the other you shoot.
Abigail: What are you trying to catch?
Will: The one that caught you.
Abigail: The one that got away.

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  • evillya

    26 March 2014

    kok ya malah keinget lagunya M2M *gigit kuping abigail*

    • uthie

      27 March 2014

      kok M2M sih, kak? 😐


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