Visceral Verity

Tahun 2016 akan saya akhiri dengan sedikit pembaharuan di blog ini.

Tahun ini nampaknya adalah tahun terjarang saya ngeblog, but it’s been great!

Maka, ini adalah hadiah untuk blog saya, sebuah judul baru. Terakhir ganti judul tahun 2012 akibat blognya diinstal ulang oleh mas juragan dan saya hampir kehilangan arsip ngeblog sejak pindah ke WordPress. Saya orangnya emang bosenan (baru juga 4 tahun udah mau ganti judul, nanggung kan) dan pelupa. Saya pikir dari pertama numpang sama mas juragan judulnya ya “Somewhere Only We Know” jadi ngerasa perlu ganti judul. Jebul ora. Njuk tiwas ngganti, yowislah.

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Turning Point

The whole year of 2014 to 2016 is my turning point phase. If 25 is the time of quarter life crisis, 27 can be the time to work on the crisis, and 28 is to start again after the crisis.

Along these two years, I have decided to go on the next level of life, living on my own. I know I cannot rely on people anymore and I have to start taking care of things that worth my effort. But I also should not forget there will be always people around to help me going through the ups and downs.

It started with my dad’s retirement in the beginning of 2014. My family would be relying on the eldest so I need to think how to earn more so I can support everyone in the family. On work, I was working my ass of a tender to a prestigious building with good team and a great Project Manager. The second semester I decided to pursue a QS career (I like doing QS duties, and I want to do more) and that was when we were told to call the tender off, the team was disappointed and some people underestimated our effort. The manager decided to move to his hometown for good and transferred us to ongoing project. Surprisingly, my new role on the ongoing project is a QS. What a coincidence.

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Sleeping Problems

Hola! It’s been a while since my last post. Well, life happened, I got busy, I got lazy, and I got other stuffs to take care of jadi yah begitulah. (Excuse klise bloher pemalas)

Life has been exciting lately. Not very long after I got my new job, I have been assigned to continue my colleague duty as a job captain handling two prestigious projects. I was excited yet terrified. Job captain is a big responsibilities but heck yeah, let’s do this, I thought to myself. Turned out it’s pretty intense working as a job captain. You gotta maintain the relationships with both clients and the contractors, equally. So, it’s been challenging 5 months, but I am trying to catch up. I am still learning to manage people, which is not an easy thing to do when you’re just a new girl in the firm.

In the past month I have been dealing with health issues. I got sick many times. But the most problem that I should be concerned is my sleeping cycle that had been ruined.

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