PMS Detected


I wish I can be more demanding, like those spoiled brats who can ask everything they want without thinking about the burden. Without getting disappointed. I can be demanding, sometimes. But I just hate to be disappointed. — picture from there. 


setiap lagi PMS (inget, PRE-Menstrual (eh apa menstruate ya? ya itu deh) Syndrome), saya pasti jadi orang paling rese di dunia. apa aja saya komplenin. apa aja saya komentarin. pokoknya saya jadi RESEH. jadi nyebelin. ya saya emang biasanya juga nyebelin, tapi kalo lagi PMS, nyebelinnya jadi luar biasa. semacam out of control, begitu. saya Continue reading Reseh


turns out my dad didn’t put that word in my name just because it’s a part of his name. according to this site, Adi means: BIG, SUPERIOR. yea, I am obsessed to be superior. superior in being a total jerk. big obsession to be the center of attention to everybody’s world. BIG FEAR. BIG MOUTH. BIG ANGER. BIG LIES. BIG Continue reading Adi