A Day Ruined

Have you ever read something that killed you inside?

Like a text message or someone’s status or some people’s comments on someone’s status. Everything was going fine until you accidentally came across something you didn’t want to read. Or found out something you were better off not knowing.

It’s almost as if it was posted just to purposely hurt you. But you constantly read it over and over again to torture yourself. It sucks how one little thing can ruin your whole day.

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hey, INSECURE LITTLE COWARD. may your mind and your soul burn in hell. just think what you want to think, and go judge everything by what you think you know. ENJOY.

and you know what? YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTHS.

Double Screwed.

I don’t know how many times I’ve posted my anger here. and coincidentally (does this word even exist?), it’s just me being cranky on my PMS.

oh, salahin aja terus si PMS inih. tapi, mau bagaimana lagi. sudah kodrat wanita, katanya. ketika sedang mengalami pre-menstrual syndrome, didorong oleh hormon, rasanya seperti ada magma di dalam kepala yang sedang bergerak menuju puncak gunung api. siap meledak. kesenggol dikit, meletup. kesenggol banyak, DUARRR BOOM.

you’re screwed.

kasusnya di saya, bahkan hal-hal yang selama ini memang biasa saya (dan teman-teman) tertawakan bersama sebagai lelucon, seakan menjadi bumerang. saya bisa berbalik tidak merasa lelucon tersebut lucu, menyerang setiap orang dengan makian, ancaman, geraman, kejutekan, whatever you name it.

ditambah lagi ada sesuatu di dalam kepala ini yang sesungguhnya bisa saja saya keluarkan baik-baik, tapi tidak saya keluarkan secara baik-baik karena saya memang tidak ingin, maka dia mengendap, makin tinggi, dan yea, BOOM again.

double screwed.

the next minute after I was exploded, I usually regret everything. but then, I regret that I regret everything. there’s nothing to be regreted. because, I frankly yet awkwardly tell the truths inside my head everytime I explode.

well, there are some exceptions, tho. HAHA.

nggambleh opo toh aku iki jane?  (doh) ah wes ben, namanya juga lagi PMS. *lah*

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I HATE Smokers

I hate smokers. none in this world have exceeded my hatred towards smokers. I still can tolerate an atheist. but not a smoker. I even hate my dad when he’s being a smoker. thank God, he’s an occasional smoker and he doesn’t smoke in front of his children. he goes out of the room/house, smokes there.

I hate smokers. they screw not only their own life but others. remember Tika (@tikuyuz)? she died because she had Bronchopneumonia Duplex. she got that because she worked with bunch of smokers in an air-conditioned room. she died because of those smokers-asses. WHY HER? WHY NOT THEM? since then, I hate the smokers more. especially the ones who ignore the sign “NO SMOKING” in the air-conditioned room.

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