turns out my dad didn’t put that word in my name just because it’s a part of his name.

according to this site, Adi means: BIG, SUPERIOR.

yea, I am obsessed to be superior. superior in being a total jerk. big obsession to be the center of attention to everybody’s world.



PS: this post has nothing to do with others who also got ‘Adi’ in their names. it’s just me. so, no biggy, folks.

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Absurd Idling Time

Idle time is good, and bad in the same time.

good because I could do anything without being followed by whole crappy deadlines, do whatever I wanna do. without worrying it’s not gonna be finished. there is no due date, I can change the due date up to me.

bad because it makes me fatter (the line is: EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT, as my friend, Aan once said in his tweet) and moreeeee emotional. in one day, I could feel happy and sad and angry many times. wake up with smile, having brunch while yelling out, heading town with anger, wake up from afternoon nap with smile again, then go to bed with sorrows in my head.

absurd, huh?

then, I went to Bengkulu last week. I spent around 10 days in order to make me feel refresh. baaahh. boro-boroooooo. my mom and dad was busy doing that Sensus Penduduk 2010’s things, Bengkulu is not a big city and nothing I could do except, babysitting my 7-years-old sister. there is a beach near my house, actually but… it’s too crowded dan bukan semacam pantey cem di Gunung Kidul sana yg asik buat ditongkrongin. lebih mirip Pantai Padang. malls? Jogja has the better ones.

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Mara Mara Mara

I tend to express my angers sharply, and I might become a monster, yelling out, throwing out anything, swerving the doors.

I feel like, if I make a loud sound, people would pay attention for me.

sometimes, I regret what I just did. but the other side, I feel satisfy. I’ve told everything that I want everybody to know.

and the thing I regret, why all those things come with angers? because I tend to keep my feelings on my own. keep it, keep it, keep it.  lah katanya disuruh sabar kan? ya mungkin itu kali buah kesabaran saya yang sudah lewat batasnya.

and I learned that from my mom. it’s in my blood, in my DNA.

cuma sekedar terlintas saja pikiran egois macam ini:

bukankah semua yang diturunkan secara genetik, kemudian dimaklumi?

yeaaahh, ini mah pembelaan :p

ah sudahlah, ini cuman curhatan, pasca kemaren ngamuk-ngamuk super dahsyat. apa lagi PMS kali ya. sebenernya saya benci marah-marah apalagi sampe ngamuk-ngamuk. tapi dasar orang-orang ini ga tau diri. dibilangin baik-baik malah cuek, dan makin lama makin ngelunjak. ya gimana saya ga marah?

makanya, demi menghindari saya mengamuk, saya sering banget marah-marahnya di Twitter (ninja) , or write on my private journal. tapi tetep, kalo blom banting-banting barang rasanya blom puas, blom bisa lega. dooohh, kebiasaan yang buruk   (taser)

gambar dicolong dari sana.