turns out my dad didn’t put that word in my name just because it’s a part of his name. according to this site, Adi means: BIG, SUPERIOR. yea, I am obsessed to be superior. superior in being a total jerk. big […]

Ooohh Deathly Hallooows ~

been waiting for this like, FOREVER since I don’t really like the Half-Blood Prince. (maap, agak telat juga sebenernya ini. postingnya, bukan nontonnya hahaha). this one, is amazing, fascinating, AWE-SOMEEEE~ my other favorite after The Prisoner of Azkaban. David Yates […]

26 days away from home.

ah, it’s good to be back. *dadah-dadah Tony Stark* that 26 days I’ve been like, I don’t know. antara bingung, linglung, kadang-kadang excited, kadang-kadang kepengen marah, bingung lagi, linglung lagi, excited lagi, been surprised (like, a lot), kepengen marah-marah lagi, […]