turns out my dad didn’t put that word in my name just because it’s a part of his name. according to this site, Adi means: BIG, SUPERIOR. yea, I am obsessed to be superior. superior in being a total jerk. big obsession to be the center of attention to everybody’s world. BIG FEAR. BIG MOUTH. BIG ANGER. BIG LIES. BIG HIPOCRACY. BIG EGO. PS: this post has nothing to do with others who also got ‘Adi’ in their names. it’s just me. so, no biggy, folks. picture from here.Read More →

been waiting for this like, FOREVER since I don’t really like the Half-Blood Prince. (maap, agak telat juga sebenernya ini. postingnya, bukan nontonnya hahaha). this one, is amazing, fascinating, AWE-SOMEEEE~ my other favorite after The Prisoner of Azkaban. David Yates surely knows how to please the hardcore fans, like me :p unfortunately, I watched this with my little sister, not with my partner in Harry Potter nerd-ing (ha-ha). padahal, sejak Half-Blood Prince, kita sudah bersumpah (caelah, bersumpah) ya ben, harus nonton bareng. kalo bisa pas premiere-nya. apa daya, Tuhan berkata lain (alah). saya malah terdampar di Bengkulu pada saat-saat rilisnya. saya tadinya mau nonton diRead More →