How Long is ‘a little longer’?

To be honest, I’ve been planning to quit this job since… the first month I moved to Jakarta. And I’ve been waiting for an opportunity for doing better than this. There are plenty, but I lost it.

I’ve been bored. I don’t see any better future by staying here, but I stil can’t move on to another step. I stay to keep my bank account’s not empty.

My mind keeps telling me “…hold on a little longer. …hold on a little longer.”

I see friends come and go, the old ones quit, the new ones come, the old ones that already quit come again. And I’m still here, stuck.

…hold on a little longer.

but, how long is ‘a little longer’? 

And let it go. Going on my own domain!


Hold on a little longer…
paling ngga sampe lo dapet gantinya.

aaaa potone mas zam nang pojok *tunjuk*

eini membantuuu… golek duluu. baru kemudian mlipir elegan dari perusahaan.

oooh, udah pindah jakarta toh nduk satu ini, sampai ketemu pekerjaan yang menyenangkanmu lah 😀

Hai, why don’t you do something that you like the most?
mungkin “something that you like the most” itu bisa jadi penawar rasa bosan di kantor? maybe you can do some photo stuff or something.

Semoga cepet menemukan kerjaan baru yang lebih disenangi yaa, salam 🙂


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