Absurd Idling Time

Idle time is good, and bad in the same time.

good because I could do anything without being followed by whole crappy deadlines, do whatever I wanna do. without worrying it’s not gonna be finished. there is no due date, I can change the due date up to me.

bad because it makes me fatter (the line is: EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT, as my friend, Aan once said in his tweet) and moreeeee emotional. in one day, I could feel happy and sad and angry many times. wake up with smile, having brunch while yelling out, heading town with anger, wake up from afternoon nap with smile again, then go to bed with sorrows in my head.

absurd, huh?

then, I went to Bengkulu last week. I spent around 10 days in order to make me feel refresh. baaahh. boro-boroooooo. my mom and dad was busy doing that Sensus Penduduk 2010′s things, Bengkulu is not a big city and nothing I could do except, babysitting my 7-years-old sister. there is a beach near my house, actually but… it’s too crowded dan bukan semacam pantey cem di Gunung Kidul sana yg asik buat ditongkrongin. lebih mirip Pantai Padang. malls? Jogja has the better ones.

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Blah Blah Blahs


bertemu beberapa orang, berkenalan, sering ketemu, sering ngobrol, sering nongkrong, sering maen, sering saling mencela, sering curhat-curhatan, sering tukar kabar. singkat kata, AKRAB.

but, could that condition defined as ‘close’?

in some case, when you call them ‘close friend’, indeed they don’t think that we are that ‘close’. and that’s annoying. that hurts.

then I just could blame myself for being too sensitive and too feeler and too naive. what else I can do?

now I’m trying stay on the line I’ve been through with them. and have some self introspection.