watching this, I cried. no, I cry everytime I see any news-updates for the epic conclusion that will be revealed on July 15th, 2011, WORLDWIDE. it will end there. it all ends there.

then I cry louder, reminded by the (huge) probability that it won’t end here, in Indonesia. they say, this epic is on the summer-movies-that-won’t-be-released-in-Indonesia list.

just THIS ONE MOVIE. THIS ONE EPIC CLOSING. PLEASE, ANYONE WHO HAS THE AUTHORITIES, PLAY THIS IN INDONESIA! RELEASE THIS. so in the end I would have great feeling like you feel when your favorite team won the competition.

wait, no. the feeling would be greater than everyone can describe. even I can’t describe. please, just this.

39 days and counting…

UPDATE (11 Juni 2011): according to this, the government has been allowing Hollywood movies to be released in Indonesia. but there’s still some uncertainties in some issues. let’s wishing a good news coming up.