Daddy Issues Resolved

Daddy Issues Resolved

Everybody has their own family issues. Mine mostly about communication. I don’t know if this is in the genes, but unintentionally, it kills us most of the times.

I used to hate my dad for being so stubborn and so hard to impress. Growing up, I learned that he’s not hard to impress, he’s just shy and has too much pride on his chest. And he’s not stubborn. He just wants to make sure everything is gonna be okay. Once we can show him that everything is indeed gonna be okay, he will loosen up his mind and embrace you. And he might telling everyone (except you, of course) that he’s proud of you. 😉

I am very proud of my accomplishments to finally understand my dad. We can now communicate like we should have been. Like, show up our opinions, share it with him, argue a little bit to show him that we are very sure of the decisions we’re about to make. I ended up showing him my respect of his acknowledgement for every moments in my life.

The real survivor! Hahaha.

As the eldest, dealing with 3 sisters is also challenging tho I actually learn from one of my sister how to deal with my dad. And we’re proud of ourselves for finally survive the communication issues with dad. I am now trying to teach my other 2 sisters to please, communicate with your dad. COMMUNICATE. Not imposing your ideas to your dad’s throat. At least, chat. Just like you chat with your friends. You can deal with your friend why can’t you deal your own dad?

This post is an excerpt from what I originally posted on Tumblr. I think it’s worth to post here for a reminiscence that I had this phase.

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