Tahun 2017 bisa dibilang tahun yang cukup bikin saya hampir gila. It was overwhelming. Di awal tahun sempat haha hihi berbahagia, kemudian memasuki pertengahan tahun mulai panas dingin menegangkan. In the end of the year, it’s all falling into pieces and this year I would have to collect all those pieces together.Read More →

I am not a spontaneous person in terms of traveling. Either it’s domestic or abroad, I usually allow some time to do at least a general planning (I am also not a person of detailed itinerary. In some conditional situations, I am more of a “liat-entar” person). So, I challenge myself on last week of a the year 2017 with a spontaneous mudik trip. (Not exactly a “challenge” but I felt a bit nervous that time) Judule pake bahasa Indonesia, napa preambule-nya jadi keminggris. Setelah lebaran, saya belum mudik lagi. Alasan klise, sibuk. Adapun tiap terbersit pikiran untuk pulang, harga tiket pasti sudah melambung atauRead More →

Everybody has their own family issues. Mine mostly about communication. I don’t know if this is in the genes, but unintentionally, it kills us most of the times. I used to hate my dad for being so stubborn and so hard to impress. Growing up, I learned that he’s not hard to impress, he’s just shy and has too much pride on his chest. And he’s not stubborn. He just wants to make sure everything is gonna be okay. Once we can show him that everything is indeed gonna be okay, he will loosen up his mind and embrace you. And he might telling everyoneRead More →