He is The Absolute Best.

Zachary Levi, my future husband.

So, I catched up on San Diego Comic Con 2013 this morning and got some great news!

Lee Pace is joining Marvel movies, Guardians of The Galaxy. CONGRATULATIONS, KAKANG! Selanjutnya tolong rayu om Bryan Fuller supaya mau pake kamu (dan semua cast Pushing Daisies yang lain juga (termasuk Digby dan Pigby), GOSH I MISS THEM ALL!) sepanjang season 2 Hannibal. You guys should watch those creations of Bryan Fuller, too. Really, they’re awesomely beautiful.

And, I also watched this video this morning and I got emotional all of sudden. MY GOD, MY MAN, ZACHARY LEVI! He appreciates his fans that much I wanted to cry.

Udah deh ga tau lagi gimana saya harus bilang saya cinta banget sama pria ini. I WANT HIM AS MY HUSBAND NO MATTER WHAT. *mulai gila*

Please know that I firmly believe, I genuinely believe that I only get to do what I do — that entertainers only get to do what we do — because you guys care what we do. And so that’s why I love you and that’s why I appreciate you. And that’s why I do Nerd HQ. And that’s why I say thank you. (Conversation with Zachary Levi – Nerd HQ (2013)

MELELEEEEEEEHHH GELAK. Liat mukanya habis ngomong begini, dia ngejoke, tapi trus balik serius dan mukanya udah berkaca-kaca kayak mau nangis. Eh nge-joke lagi dia. Rasanya pengen saya pelukin trus saya usek-usek kepalanya.

Enough said, he is the absolute best.




I deserve this. Life Guides.

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