You may never know how it feels
When you are nobody for everybody
When you are nothing to everything
You don’t have any chance to find tomorrow
Worse, you don’t belong to tomorrow

You don’t own the reason what you’re living for
Yesterday, today, or the next lives
You only see what you wanna see
Not what you have to see
You only do what it forced to you
Not what you really wanna do

You are worthless to choose
Cuz the choices are not made for you
Simply, you have no right to choose
Neither to take nor to pick

You are living,
But you belong to the death realm
You are breathing,
But you only borrow the air from other

You really have no value to the world
You are not as small as dust, but pepople can’t notice you
You are not as transparent as wind, but people are so hard to feel you
You are not seen, an invisible creature
You exist, but you mean nothing

You might never know how it feels
Cuz you are the reason for whatever bad I feel

-Living For No Meaning-

dari blog jadul.

gue paling suka dua kalimat trakhir.


dan satu lagi.

mendingan mana,

orang yang SUPER GA PEKA ato orang yang SUPER SENSITIF?