Halo, Uthie!

Bagaimana rasanya dapat kartupos? senang ya! πŸ™‚

that’s what Puty wrote on her postcard she sent me. here it is.

postcard from Puty. she drew the fat bunny by herself. cute, eh?

very very very happy, Puty! kyaaa kyaaa kyaaa (heart_beat)

how about you? what would you feel when you receive postcards? or Lebaran cards/christmas cards? or post mails? happy? delightful? yet surprised, maybe. surprised that postal service is still used. of course, it is. we’re just way too busy talking to the screen.

I am thinking about sending some postcards (like Puty did), too. I have some postcards with architectural pictures on them, take a look at here. anyone interested? it’s FREE. GRATIS. Β just leave comment here. I’ll e-mail you (make sure e-mail address you submited on the comment is active) the details πŸ˜€

cepetan! sebelom kehabisan! (haha)

or maybe you may join the Postcrossing Project? I found a teenager who is still interested in postcards and post mails, while her friends are too busy with their Blackberry or yelling on Justin Bieber. she even asked me to be her pen-pal. I mean, PEN-PAL? ha-ha.

see? everyone miss receiving post mails πŸ˜€