25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25. Checked and Noted.

I found this. I know Thought Catalog can be lame sometimes. But this one is worth to read, not that bad.

Well, I’m still 24, in a couple of months I will be 25. Umur dua puluh lima itu nampak begitu penting ketika belum terlewati, semacam penanda. Entah penanda apaan. Dibilang penanda kedewasaan juga, kemaren-kemaren waktu umur 17 dan 20 dan 21 KATANYA penanda kedewasaan juga? Mungkin kedewasaan itu ada levelnya. Umur 17, level 1. Umur 20, level 2. Umur 21, level 3. Umur 25, level 4. Umur 30, level 5. dan seterusnya.

Mungkin juga semacam penanda masa-masa peralihan. Peralihan dari umur 2o-an, ke umur 25-an. *MENURUT NGANA AJA KALI. Ah maaf saya kayaknya kehabisan basa-basi untuk preambule ini*

Jadi, saya mau mengomentari setiap poinnya. Here we go.

1. Make peace with your parents. Whether you finally recognize that they actually have your best interests in mind or you forgive them for being flawed human beings, you can’t happily enter adulthood with that familial brand of resentment.

Actually, my relationship with my parents once, ever turned out bad. Really really bad. I have this bad communications with my dad, I don’t like my mom forcing what I have to do as the eldest. I was really selfish. I was depressed. Now, everything is getting better and better. I don’t get angry all the time (Well, I still can be angry all the times, apalagi pas masa-masa opname hahaha).  Maybe it’s because I live far from home now, but hey, you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Kalo kata ibu, “Deket bau tai, jauh bau wangi”.

I’m glad we’re okay now. And then, hopefully.

2. Kiss someone you think is out of your league; kiss models and med students and entrepreneurs with part-time lives in Dubai and don’t worry about if they’re going to call you afterward.

HA. Ini… gimana ya. I’m not that challenging. Boro-boro yang out of my league, yang masih dalam lingkupan league aja masih suka ga kesampean. :)) *LOH CURHAT MBAK?*

3. Minimize your passivity.

Well, I’m trying. Still.

4. Work a service job to gain some understanding of how tipping works, how to keep your cool around assholes, how a few kind words can change someone’s day.

Hmmmm… Gimana ya, berkomunikasi yang baik dengan supplier aja saya masih lame. Doing a service job isn’t really my thing. Saya orangnya paling males emang kalo udah masalah negosiasi. Maunya udah deh, #iyainajabiarcepet gitu.

5. Recognize freedom as a 5:30 a.m. trip to the diner with a bunch of strangers you’ve just met.

I don’t really get along with strangers. I choose to stare at my phone or book or maybe just watching people or the road when I’m in public transportation. Waktu nonton Sheila On 7 sendirian juga saya tidak terlalu get along with other fans. Lebih asik motret-motret sendiri. Ingin nyoba sih, pergi-pergi sendirian gitu. Yang bener-bener jalan sendirian agak jauh, bukan hanya sekedar perjalanan menuju suatu tempat. Ga usah yang heboh, cukup ke Bandung atau Bogor, misalnya. Trus ga sengaja kenalan sama some strangers (Tapi, di Indonesia ini strangers itu identik dengan yg negatif-negatif. Suka mikir jelek kalo tiba-tiba ada yang deketin hahaha). Mudah-mudahan sebelum berumur 25 udah bisa kesampean.

6. Try not to beat yourself up over having obtained a ‘useless’ Bachelor’s Degree. Debt is hell, and things didn’t pan out quite like you expected, but you did get to go to college, and having a degree isn’t the worst thing in the world to have. We will figure this mess out, I think, probably; the point is you’re not worth less just because there hasn’t been an immediate pay off for going to school. Be patient, work with what you have, and remember that a lot of us are in this together.

HAHA. THIS. I got my bachelor degree, dan kerjaan juga ga terlalu melenceng dari background pendidikan sih, tapi melihat skill yang saya dapat dari background pendidikan ga segitunya dipakai di kerjaan… jadi ya gitu deh. But, it’s not that useless. Seenggaknya dapat ilmu baru.

7. If you’re employed in any capacity, open a savings account. You never know when you might be unemployed or in desperate need of getting away for a few days. Even $10 a week is $520 more a year than you would’ve had otherwise.

I do this since I got my first salary. Bagaimanapun, harus ada yang ditabung. Walaupun ga seberapa, prinsip saya: HARUS ADA YANG DITABUNG. Entah mau dipakai untuk apa, yang penting nabung.

8. Make a habit of going outside, enjoying the light, relearning your friends, forgetting the internet.

I do this almost every weekend. Dulu di Jogja, rasanya kalau weekend maunya di rumah aja. Tapi toh akhirnya keluar-keluar juga. Di Jakarta sini, meskipun kadang ga ada temen jalan, ketika saya ingin jalan ya saya jalan. Terakhir jalan sendirian itu, beberapa minggu yang lalu. Lagi kepengen banget jalan, tapi semua orang saya hubungin ga ada yang available buat nemenin. Dasare lagi males di kos yaweis jalan dewekan. It was fun.

9. Go on a 4-day, brunch-fueled bender.

Ini maksutnya gimana sih, ga ngerti. Hahaha. Maksutnya makan irit selama empat hari? Dude, gue setiap hari makan cuma dua kali kok. Kalo lagi males, bisa sekali doang. NGEMILNYA YANG HAMPIR SETIAP DUA JAM. :))

10. Start a relationship with your crush by telling them that you want them. Directly. Like, look them in the face and say it to them. Say, “I want you. I want to be with you”.

Hey, I want you. I want to be with you.

11. Learn to say ‘no’ — to yourself. Don’t keep wearing high heels if you hate them; don’t keep smoking if you’re disgusted by the way you smell the morning after; stop wasting entire days on your couch if you’re going to complain about missing the sun.

Still working on it.

12. Take time to revisit the places that made you who you are: the apartment you grew up in, your middle school, your hometown. These places may or may not be here forever; you definitely won’t be.

KYAAAA… Ini tiap menjelang pulang pasti maunya mengunjungi semua tempat. Reminiscing those good old times. Tapi, tiap pulang pasti jadwal padat merayap, bung. Berasa kayak seleb aja saya. So much to do, so little time.

13. Find a hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering and like something to look forward to.

Found it. Collecting postcards and walking around the city with Tony. Masih mau nyari lagi.

14. Think you know yourself until you meet someone better than you.

Been there, done that.

15. Forget who you are, what your priorities are, and how a person should be.

Engggg… what’s the point from that?

16. Identify your fears and instead of letting them dictate your every move, find and talk to people who have overcome them. Don’t settle for experiencing .000002% of what the world has to offer because you’re afraid of getting on a plane.

Okay, noted.

17. Make a habit of cleaning up and letting go. Just because it fit at one point doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever — whether ‘it’ is your favorite pair of pants or your ex.

Ooookay, got it.

18. Stop hating yourself.

Well, trying. Does everyone-under-25 hate themselves?

19. Go out and watch that movie, read that book, listen to that band you already lied about watching, reading, listening to.

Ihihihi. Belakangan ini, saya emang lagi suka nonton di bioskop sendirian. Males juga kalo mau nonton film tunggu-tungguan. Namanya kalo emang kepengen banget dan punya waktu, ngapain juga nungguin orang yang ga jelas.

20. Take advantage of health insurance while you have it.

Udah pernah.

21. Make a habit of telling people how you feel, whether it means writing a gushing fan-girl email to someone whose work you love or telling your boss why you deserve a raise.

Lagi sering melakukan ini. Bagaimanapun, namanya lagi ada yang ganjel, kalo ga disalurkan keganjelannya ya empet sendiri jadinya. Apalagi sekarang kerjanya di proyek, suasananya lebih santai. Bahkan bos suka cucurhatan gitu soal kehidupan, jadinya kan saya suka kepancing ikutan curhat juga. Ingin naik gaji, misalnya. (Oh iya dong, to the point. Hahaha)

22. Date someone who says, “I love you” first.


23. Leave the country under the premise of “finding yourself.” This will be unsuccessful. Places do not change people. Instead, do a lot of solo drinking, read a lot of books, have sex in dirty hostels, and come home when you start to miss it.

Pengen banget ini. Kayaknya sebelum umur 25 belom kesampean deh. Kapan ya, kapan ya, kapan ya.

24. Suck it up and buy a Macbook Pro.

I bought a Nikon D3100 instead. :))

25. Quit that job that’s making you miserable, end the relationship that makes you act like a lunatic, lose the friend whose sole purpose in life is making you feel like you’re perpetually on the verge of vomiting. You’re young, you’re resilient, there are other jobs and relationships and friends if you’re patient and open. 

Yearight. Easier said than done.

Eh ngomong-ngomong hari gini masih ada yang menyembunyikan umur ya? Atau yang ga suka umurnya diumbar-umbar? Di era bahkan elo lagi boker sampe ada pengumumannya di Twitter gini?

picture from here.

Don’t Make Me. Lessons Learned.


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