Urban Dictionary

dude, this site is hilarious! yet, informative :))

Urban Dictionary is the dictionary you wroteDefine your world.

here’s some interesting words that somehow, represent me. or you. or the government. or everyone.

Purchase Pleasure

The unexplained feeling of bliss, joy and satisfaction one gets following a purchase. It can last anything from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the size, worth or usefulness of the item acquired. Buyer’s remorse can sometimes follow or replace purchase pleasure. It is often a reason for shopping addiction.

shopaholic is sooooo 2007 =)) I do this, ocassionally.

Obsessive Computer Disorder
To constantly be online or just on a personal computer for fun or entertainment. Also always thinking about anything computer related.

enough said (haha) this is 2010’s OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Wallet Threat

is the reluctant act of pulling ones wallet out as a sign of willingness to pay for a meal you assumed was a treat.

HA! (taser)

Postmodem Depression

The feeling you get when you haven’t had access to the internet (i.e. facebook and twitter) for a long time, like several minutes.

sounds familiar? ;))


Describes people who drive while sending text messages on their phones.

MU-HA-HA ;))

Bored to Debt

when you’re so bored with life that you just spend money to make your life seem more exciting.

*mbakar duit*

Mental Masturbation

Intellectual activity that serves no practical purpose.

fufufufufu *siyul-siyul* this is what our government usually does :p


When you complain about something for the sole purpose of bringing it up in conversation to brag about it.

kalo bahasa gaulnya: minta ditanya :p

Tab o’ War

The fight over the check at the dinner table over who will pay.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. this usually happens when I go out eating with some friends. we keep sitting on the chair. sampai-sampai muncul celetukan: ‘yang berdiri duluan, dia yang bayar!’ =))

and many more. kadang-kadang sering nemu kata-kata yang ih-gila-ini-mah-gue :))

kalo orang yg kurang kerjaan nyari-nyari kata-kata yang ih-gila-ini-mah-gue-banget, di urban dictionary itu… istilahnya apa ya? 😀

Lebaran 2010 I should have


muhahahaha… (lmao)
coba nama lu masukin, kadang2 suka ada
*udah pernah ngetik nama sendiri* (rock) (banana_rock)

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