2016: Don’t Hesitate

It’s already the 9th days of January and I hope I am not too late to post a new year reflections.

I didn’t posted anything about 2014 and 2015 plans here. Well, 2014 was ‘hentah’, that word sum up what happened in a year. ‘Hentah’ terlontar begitu saja karna memang tahunnya sangat hentah. Banyak hal yang tidak saya perkirakan terjadi, banyak hal yang tidak sesuai rencana yang sudah saya siapkan. Banyak kehentahan yang tidak ingin saya ingat-ingat lagi di 2014 maka di 2015 saya usahakan untuk lagi-lagi have less expectations, though it’s very hard.

Don’t we all have that every year? We believe that God will surprise us, don’t we? (Well, that also counts as expectation, IMO)

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Hai, Halo.


Pertama-tama… Selamat Idulfitri! Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

It’s been a while since I catch up with my blogs, sudah lama tidak menulis-nulis lucu berisi hal-hal penting-tidak penting di blog. Belakangan waktu dan tenaga saya habis di platform lain, seperti Whatsapp, Path, Instagram, dan Facebook. Pengen tau rasanya jadi anak eksis hahahaha.

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[EF#8] Time is an illusion

Hi younger self,

I remember you did not have good relationship with your father. You could not tell him what you were thinking. You could not argue with him in proper tone. Everything about your dad was not good.

He was a jerk, you said (So sorry, dad). Yes, he was. He was stubborn. Of course. He was a man full of anger, also mean. Well, he still is. He didn’t understand you. You didn’t know how to tell him what has been going on your head.

Don’t worry. As time passed, you will find a  way to communicate properly with him. Even better, you’ll be surprised how actually you can chat with him just like you chat with your mom or your sisters. Not often, but at least you finally can tell him what you think.

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