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[EF#8] Time is an illusion

Hi younger self,

I remember you did not have good relationship with your father. You could not tell him what you were thinking. You could not argue with him in proper tone. Everything about your dad was not good.

He was a jerk, you said (So sorry, dad). Yes, he was. He was stubborn. Of course. He was a man full of anger, also mean. Well, he still is. He didn’t understand you. You didn’t know how to tell him what has been going on your head.

Don’t worry. As time passed, you will find a  way to communicate properly with him. Even better, you’ll be surprised how actually you can chat with him just like you chat with your mom or your sisters. Not often, but at least you finally can tell him what you think.

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Generasi Nunduk

Alkisah di sebuah restoran di Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, tujuh muda-mudi sedang berkumpul.

Sebagian piring dan gelas sudah kosong. Ada beberapa piring yang masih berisi segunduk entah itu steak dan kentang goreng atau chicken cordon bleu dan sayuran. Sepertinya tidak ada yang berniat untuk menghabiskannya. Dibiarkan begitu saja sampai diambil pelayan.

Dua laki-laki berkacamata yang duduk di paling ujung meja sepertinya baru saja mengabadikan momen kebersamaan mereka malam itu ke dalam gambar menggunakan ponsel.

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Till We Meet Again (2)

This August was tough.

Moving out, moving in, blending in, and the highlight: farewell. And it’s more than one. Crazy!

First, my boss’s farewell.

Letting go of a boss never been this hard. I worked with him only one year but it was the best moment I had along my career (The heck, it’s my third year working). I never thought that it would be this quick.

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