Almost 9 Years

yet, we still talk about those good old times. that moment we were eating Soto Maknyak on lunchbreak, ignoring the ringbells and imagining what to say to Pak Sugeng when we arrived at class 45 minutes later. that moment we […]

From Dear Papa Project

Good morning, Bapak. Have a good day, and take care. I never out of my pride for you. I will always tell everybody, you are the greatest father in the world. (some words from my letter to my dad) berawal dari sebuah […]

INTP: Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.

CHARACTERISTICS. INTPs are quiet, thoughtful, analytical individuals who tend to spend long periods of time on their own, working through problems and forming solutions. They generally balk at attempts by others to convince them to change. They also tend to be impatient with […]

#Postcards: February

sorry for the delay. I got a thing last week and not connected to internet properly so I didn’t do update last week. here the postcards I sent and received on February. SENT