yet, we still talk about those good old times. that moment we were eating Soto Maknyak on lunchbreak, ignoring the ringbells and imagining what to say to Pak Sugeng when we arrived at class 45 minutes later. that moment we were pretending to sleep in the class, Diwa was provocating us, made a boring Bahasa Indonesia subtitute teacher was annoyed, deliberately. I forgot her name — wait, I REMEMBER IT, Ibu Subiantini. so sorry, ma’am. blame it on Diwa :)) that was the naughtiest thing I ever done to a teacher. sorry friends, I was a nice girl. food poisoned after ate bakso, me andRead More →

Good morning, Bapak. Have a good day, and take care. I never out of my pride for you. I will always tell everybody, you are the greatest father in the world. (some words from my letter to my dad) berawal dari sebuah twit random (hell yeah, Twitter!) yang mengarahkan saya kepada sebuah link berjudul Dear Papa ini. waktu itu sekitar bulan Februari, kira-kira di tengah-tengah hawa cicintaan, maklum menjelang valentine. saya malah sedang frustrasi-frustrasinya memikirkan masa depan saya *taelah, masa depaaaann* dan membuat saya berkali-kali teringat dan memikirkan bapak saya. many things I wanna tell him, many feelings that I want him to know. heck, I don’tRead More →