Almost 9 Years

Ruben, Uti, Celly. last year, Candi Ratu Boko.

yet, we still talk about those good old times.

that moment we were eating Soto Maknyak on lunchbreak, ignoring the ringbells and imagining what to say to Pak Sugeng when we arrived at class 45 minutes later.

that moment we were pretending to sleep in the class, Diwa was provocating us, made a boring Bahasa Indonesia subtitute teacher was annoyed, deliberately. I forgot her name — wait, I REMEMBER IT, Ibu Subiantini. so sorry, ma’am. blame it on Diwa :)) that was the naughtiest thing I ever done to a teacher. sorry friends, I was a nice girl.

food poisoned after ate bakso, me and RubenCelly still laughs her ass of about that.

talking about grades. talking about marks. talking about subjects. talking about the teachers. talking about boys. talking about the gossips happened those times. talking about others. no, we never out of topic to talk about those times.

we used to be teenage drama queens back then. did we grow up? not really. Celly, still the most persistent one, nobody could say no to that face. Ruben, her phones never be a good friends for her, still live with her grandparents (MUHAHAHAH). Uti, still no boyfriend (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. ora curhat, mbaaaakk!), still the snob and the nerd one.

some things change. the one who’s not really lucky on high school is the one who got in to UGM (the precious everyone wants to get in) and graduated first. the one who was VERY LUCKY to have best marks among us without studying hard or at all (she didn’t even remember on that day we had a test. what a lucky bitch), the one who graduated from college the latest. and the one who got the first place of the class on the third grade (which is, ME! HAHAHAHAH), having trouble in finding a job after graduated from college.

life happens. not really full of happiness. Ruben, facing 1.5 year finishing her final project. Celly, having a trouble in her relationship after over 5 years. Uti, being idle for almost a year.

yet, we shared laugh yesterday, in the middle of heavy rain, big thunder and blackout. remembering all those good times. Uti, finally leaving idle time. Celly, with new boyfriend. Ruben, finally graduated and her first freelance job.

almost 9 years. and still counting, I hope. remember our plans to build a wedding organizer business, girls?

PS: should we still call ourselves… Lolly_Popz? =))

I HATE Smokers From Dear Papa Project


wah Uthi..aku juga punya temen yg kita sahabatannya udah lama juga..and I really miss them now..

sama bgt..gosipan kita..soal hal2 g penting (read:gebetan masing2)
hahaha :-P

sibuk apa jeng skrg?udah kerja ya??
pasti lg semangat2nya kerja nih (yahoo)

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