I should have

hello. sorry for the lack of posts. I don’t have any interest to update this blog lately. have nothing to say, actually.

then suddenly I remember, mba Fenty once tagged me on her post. about what would I want to be ten years from now. ha! I can’t even think what would I want to be next year.

but, daydreaming is not a crime, eh? (evil_grin)

ten years from now, I’d be 32, if I still had the chance to live (and the ages after).
my 32 should be mature enough to control myself.

I should have found my other half (ahem!), built my own happy and blessing family and have my own-designed house (hyahyahya).
I should have reached every inches of Europe (agak lebay ini), as that is my biggest dream ever.
I should have visited USA.
I should have touched SNOW! and made fabulous snowman (evilsmirk)
I should have known myself completely.
I should have made my parents (would always) proud of myself.

I should have reached every dreams I have now (in this 22 age).

then again, I of course, should never stop dreaming on. and pursuing it.

birds fly over the rainbow
why then, oh why can’t I?
— Over The Rainbow

anyhow, happy fasting all! 😀

picture from here.


  • RoTIFreSh

    14 August 2010

    teruslah mengejar mimpimu sampai kau tak sanggup lagi :)

  • Fenty

    14 August 2010

    great dreams, dear ^^

    semoga terealisasi semua ya … :)

  • Ellya

    14 August 2010

    ah… ide bagus thie, tepat di saat saya sudah frustasi tiap hari dan nyaris lupa untuk bermimpi :)

    still 23, and life must go on…

  • za

    18 August 2010

    Amiiiiinn,,, semoga diijabahkan ya mba ^^

  • diah

    24 August 2010

    Amin AMin Amin… daydream is not crime, so let’s dream more and more… and hope all dreams come true…. (worship)


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