Year: 2010


turns out my dad didn’t put that word in my name just because it’s a part of his name. according to this site, Adi means: BIG, SUPERIOR. yea, I am obsessed to be superior. superior in being a total jerk. big obsession to be the center of attention to everybody’s world. BIG FEAR. BIG MOUTH. BIG ANGER. BIG LIES. BIG Continue reading Adi

Ooohh Deathly Hallooows ~

been waiting for this like, FOREVER since I don’t really like the Half-Blood Prince. (maap, agak telat juga sebenernya ini. postingnya, bukan nontonnya hahaha). this one, is amazing, fascinating, AWE-SOMEEEE~ my other favorite after The Prisoner of Azkaban. David Yates surely knows how to please the hardcore fans, like me :p unfortunately, I watched this Continue reading Ooohh Deathly Hallooows ~

Just Saying

people who keep convincing others that they’re strong and tough, usually the one(s) who are very weak and fragile. diam bukan berarti lemah. memberontak belom tentu berarti kuat. —– Mengucapkan kata ‘cabe’ seribu kali tak akan membuatmu merasa pedas. Menggumamkan kata ‘Tuhan’ seribu kali tak berarti dirimu merasakan-Nya. Arman Yulianta (my lecturer) photo credit goes Continue reading Just Saying